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electric vehicle
Our homes and cars are the two things in day-to-day life that consume the most power, but they don’t really mesh together very well in that respect. A project from the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory offers a vision of a more integrated future with Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AIME). It consists...
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New hybrid black cab will hit London roads in 2017, a year before all taxis are required to be capable of ‘zero emissions’ motoring. London’s iconic black cabs have received a green makeover with the launch of the latest battery-powered TX5 model, unveiled during Chinese premier Xi Jinping’s state visit to the city of London in...
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Battery Storage Will Be As Common As Broadband In 10 Years, Says Simon Hackett Originally published on RenewEconomy. IT guru Simon Hackett must be the number 1 fan of Tesla electric vehicles in Australia. He took delivery of the first Tesla Roadster in Australia in 2009, and now he drives the last Roadster delivered here.
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