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Enhanced Technology Range

AGM / EFB / EFB Truck Lines

RECOR AGM Batteries Line

Enhanced Technology Range

The ideal solution for vehicles with advanced Start & Stop technology. Special advanced glass mat separators provide significant improvement in all performance criteria including cycling ability, charge acceptance, and cranking power.

RECOR EFB Batteries Line

Enhanced Technology Range

Intended for vehicles with entry level Start & Stop function, RECOR EFB battery offers superior durability in intense driving conditions and reliable power for latest generation vehicles with entry level Start & Stop technology. Additionally, RECOR EFB battery is the ideal solution for cars without a start-stop system, as it provides significant performance advantages and extended service life over a conventional battery.

RECOR EFB Commercial Batteries Line

Enhanced Technology Range

Commercial RECOR EFB technology, Ca+/Ca- sealed MF, serves the increased requirements of HOTEL FACILITIES TRUCKS, offering electric facilities to operators that demand cycling ability and vibration resistance.